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Monday, September 13


I know I have used this quote before from the Fernando Ortega song "Give Me Jesus"
It is just so heavy on my heart this morning.

Just like the rain and dew is here for a moment, and evaporates away
We are here on this earth for a temporary time
The pain and the hurts we endure are momentary
Compared to the eternity of bliss we will experience
If we are faithful and true to our Creator, Savior and Lord

So in all circumstances
Let Jesus be the focal point
He puts it all into perspective.

Can I ask you to pray for those who are carried away by the temporary of the world
They can't see thru the moment - to Him
They see only the immediate need
No matter who they hurt.

It's immaturity, but it is sharp and painful to be on the receiving end

This morning I pray for eyes to see when I am in that place too.
Thinking only of myself, my own needs.

I too, can lose sight of Who is important.

Give me Jesus . . .

To hear the song: Click this Link *GIVE ME JESUS*


GrandmaK said...

Indeed, give me Jesus! God Bless! Cathy

Joanna Vanderkooi said...

I hope YOU haven't been hurt! You are such a sweet, concerned lady. Blessings on you today!! ~ Joanna

Dorothy said...

God bless you for all these posts! Nothing else really matters except Jesus and what He has done for us.

Anonymous said...

I just heard Fernando Ortega for the first time this past year. I love to hear him sing--wonderful, soothing voice! and, the message of his songs---always right to the heart! Thanks for sharing along with your beautiful photo and verse. Have a blessed day!

Anita Johnson said...

This has to be one of my favorite pairings...would you mind if I used it as my screen saver this week? I agree with the previous comment...give me Jesus.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful song, Valerie... I have found that my entire life is richer now that I keep God at the center of my heart ALL of the time.... When I was younger, I was so busy taking care of the world--that I didn't take time for me... I do now for sure!!!!