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Sunday, September 12


As vocal major, when I was studying music at the University, it was a requirement that we sing in 5 different languages for our adjudication. So, not only did I take diction classes (learning how to pronounce all these languages) but I also had to study one as an integral part of my curriculum. I had already taken 4 years of French in high school, and so opted for German in college.

My pronunciation is still just, OK, but there are a few things that have stuck with me. I specifically remember the word Gestalt. I remember it being defined as the whole, is different than the sum of it's parts. I also remember reading the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts.

When I looked at this Queen Anne's Lace this morning, that was the first word that popped into my mind. GESTALT. This beautiful flower that is made up of other groups of smaller flower heads, which are each made up of individual flower heads.

The sum of many flowers joining together to create one beautiful flower.

Now, knowing that if anyone does a search on google for the word gestalt, this page may pop up - I wanted to recheck my faulty memory to see if I had indeed remember the term and it's definition correctly - and was wowed to see that it is actually and entire very complicated (at least in my mind) THEORY! Perhaps my mind is failing and I just don't remember being taught that in school.

(*Gestalt Theory*) can be very complicated, as I read this morning. If you click the term you can learn more about it at one of the many websites I checked out about it. I don't mean to trivialize it in any way. I just don't have the room (or the brain power) to get deep into the whole theory.

But looking at the flower head - I also see the Body of Christ. Many individual Christ Followers, join together where they are - to create small bodies of fellowship. These bodies join together to make the whole body of fellowship. What a neat way to think of the church. Individual member created the small (or large) individual church groups, which join together to celebrate as whole bodies at conventions and large gatherings. And all those bodies are part of the 1 Body.

I also know the scripture was talking about different parts of the body working in different capacities. I don't mean to take away from that meaning at all -

But, as I looked at the flower this morning - I saw, individuals coming together in groups, and groups joining together to form the larger group -

Can you imagine the beautiful blossom of fellowship we will be a part of in heaven?

Okay - I am beginning to ramble - one of the reasons I don't write very often on this blog. Sometimes my mind, tongue and fingers - run away from me!

How Beautiful is the Body of Christ! One of my favorite Twila Paris songs!


Dorothy said...

Very beautiful picture, quote and scripture. I liked what you wrote about the body of Christ..the church.

Karin said...

I've always marveled over this with the Charlotte's lace. Each tiny florets (or whatever it is called) is perfect, but it is connected to its group, which is connected to the whole! So beautifully captured. May the world see all of us as one Body in Christ!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful post, Valerie. As a voice major also, I had to sing in several languages too. However, I never learned to speak any of them!!! Oh Well....

I do remember the Gestalt Theory ---and relating it to Queen Anne's Lace is beautiful....

I also like to think about our own bodies---needing ALL of the parts to make a whole!!!!

Love this post...

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thanks for the picture,the words and you added thoughts.I will be remembering this next time I see a Queen Anne's lace.

Whidbey Woman said...

Such a lovely post!

Erin Wallace said...

So happy to find this amazing blog!

I am here for the Friday blog hops and am following you via google reader. I hope to see you at Dropped Stitches.

xo Erin


Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

WOW! What an amazing voie this woman has. Thank-you so much for sharing this song.

Charlotte said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us. It is BEAUTFUL in every way.