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Saturday, October 9


I have always loved the song, "True Colors" that I first heard sung by Cyndi Lauper.
She was singing that when I was in High School and I latched on to it.
Something about a singer who sings with passion.
I think that is what made music so attractive to me.

Anyway, in recent years I have heard a version by Phil Collins.
I am so partial to harmony of men and women's voices.
This surely has become my favorite version.
Give it a listen if you have time - I have the video embeded below)

Sorry .. on to today's post.

I came across the photo of the leaf and my first thought was "True Colors"
Isn't it true that the colors we see in the fall are the TRUE colors of the leaves?
I read this ...

In trying to link a scripture to it - the passage from Revelations stood right out at me!
God is Just
God is Real
God is TRUE

His attributes are many and varied
Magnificent, Marvelous and Great

We have only our experience to describe God -
and so today I connect the beauty of truth
the beauty of color
and the beauty of God.

Enjoy the weekend!!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful video, Valerie... I have always like Phil Collins... I love that song too.

Love the Revelation passage this morning: God is JUST; God is REAL ; God is TRUE.

Have a great weekend.

Dorothy said...

Very beautiful post!! Enjoyed the Phil Collins Video!

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Valerie,
What a beautiful photo, , beautiful thoughts on a beautiful scripture too.
I haven't heard Phil Collins sing in a long time, I enjoyed the song. Thank you for sharing.

Whidbey Woman said...

Great post! From the photo to the video and everything in between.
Happy, Colorful,Spiritual Sunday!

Charlotte said...

The video is beautiful. Love the way you linked true colors to God. I'm glad he made so many beautiful true colors. Thank you for sharing.

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

What a beautiful picture! I love Phil Collen's, thank-you for playing this beautiful song.

Anita Johnson said...

I love this version of the song...now I have a new favorite! Perfect with the photo!