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Thursday, September 2



Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful,delicate flowers.The quote and verse are ones that causes me to think about how I spend each day,thanks.
❤ Ruth

Adrienne in Ohio said...

So true, Valerie!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Neat, Valerie.... SO true.... We certainly don't always treat our lives like they are a gift from God, do we????? We think we'll just go on forever ---and yet life is so precious and fragile.


Karin said...

Wow, those flowers are so delicate! Yes, our days are like grass and even though we've lived so long (65+ here) it seems like a blink and soon the wind will blow and......we'll be with Him forever and live on in the hearts of those who love us!!

Anita Johnson said...

I just spent the day yesterday in a retirement home. My mom is 83 and undergoing radiation. My mother-in-law is 85 and broke her leg. Talking with them and some of their friends reminded me to live my life to the fullest...everyday. These ladies had incredible lives and were still living and learning in their golden years. Amazing.