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Friday, August 20



Debbie said...

Perfect, perfect, perfect!

Not only do have a "thing" about wheels, but I am also easily tempted to worry.

And my biggest worry right now happens to be very specifically TOMORROW.

That's the day my younger daughter moves in to college.
Away from home.
Away from me.
Basically, away.

Love this.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love it, Valerie. That is one thing we humans don't do very well. We worry about the past --and the future... My sweet mother (bless her soul) was such a worry-wort.... I am determined not to be like that...

I guess as long as the wheel is moving forward --even if it is slowly-- that is GOOD....

We have a gorgeous, COOL morning up here (64 degrees)... First in a LONG time... yeah!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Nan Vroman said...

Love, love, love this!!!

I, too, need to be reminded that I need not worry about tomorrow, that my Lord Jesus is already THERE.

That He is ready to guide Brett in his student teaching efforts this fall. That, regardless of what comes down, that He is there for a thousand tomorrows, so ABLE to take care of His children!

Karin said...

Beautiful photo and I love these 'notes to self' that bless the rest of us too!

Dorothy said...

We DO always seem to hurry and worry!
The wheels turned very slowly, or so it seemed, as we stayed by my son until he was healed enough from his burns to go home. But every day as we waited, we saw that he was there with us all the time working out everything in our favor! Jeep sings the song, "He Was There All The Time", and I can't get that song out of my head. He WAS there all the time, waiting patiently in line (until we invited Him in) He was there all the time.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful shot.I need to be reminded of this verse often.Thanks.

Kerri said...

LOVE this!!