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Friday, July 2


Intelligent Expressions Give Away
Pick Two of your favorite posts
Decide - 5x7 matted for 8x10 or
an 8x10 matted for 11x14

Post a comment with your choices HERE (click the word)
Random drawing on July 15, 2010

Read more about it here: Select Two Posts Details


Karin said...

His grace has always been sufficient! I'm glad you are putting your stamp on each photo now!! Two more recent ones that I like are 162 and 166. Today's is gorgeous as well and I love the verse! Have a wonderful week-end!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh that PERFECT love of God ---for US.... We are so sinful and so small... It's hard to believe that he loves us unconditionally. Praise be to God.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thank God for His perfect love and grace.Without that,where would I be?