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Sunday, June 27


Do you find that often - in the midst of tragedy or misfortune, we turn to God on our knees and beg for His healing or intervention, for His peace. Then, as soon as the turbulence is gone, we forget and move on with our lives.

When my dad was dying back in 1995, I remember my mom questioning God. She wasn't doubting Him, she just could not fathom why a man who tried so hard to serve God, then had to deal with the excruciating illness and disease that he battled for 7 years.

My mom developed cancer as well. Before she died - she left me with the thoughts that it is often during and thru the pain, in the midst of the ordeals that we must journey through, that our eyes are kept focused on God. He is our ever present rock in times of trouble. When we suffer we have a tiny glimpse of how He suffered. We share in that and are able then to walk closer to Him because of it.

I want to walk closer to Him all the time, not just during the hard times.


GrandmaK said...

How very true. It seems sometimes the pain experienced during the time of trial when the vow is made is short lived. The relief at the crisis being over causes a sigh and amnesia. Why is that!?! Indeed, I want to walk closer to him in the good times as well, and those times seem to be the hardest for me. He seems closer when I struggle. Wonderful post! Cathy

Dorothy said...

I agree, and sometimes I think maybe God wants to have our full attention, which He does in times of trouble. I know that was been true for me. I hope that my recent time of trial, not only brought me closer to God, but that I will remember to always and in everything, give him the praise, honor and glory.

Karin said...

The Lord still has so much work to do to rid me of self-focus! Have a blessed week-end!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I totally agree... In our times of trial and pain, we do turn to God--and know that God is our ROCK through those times.

Great post.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I am with you,I want to stay close to God at all times,not just in trying times.

Debbie said...

That one cuts right to the quick. I'm so glad that HE is reliable whether I am in the storm or the calm.