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Saturday, September 10

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I've been missing in action for a bit, so many photo's to process from the trip and not wanting to spend the hours needed in front of the computer. School has started. The first week (okay ... it was really only four days) is under our belt. Looks like it will be another wonderful year of encouraging and making kids feel special.

My oldest son - had a CD release concert last night and is suppose to work with a producer from the west coast at the end of the month. Their music just keeps getting better and better. Tall One is a freshman in college, has his own car and is working a part time job. He seems to be loving it. Young One is a Sophomore in High School, playing JV Football, playing fall baseball, a percussionist in the top band and this year is in the top choral ensemble as well.

My H and I have been able to enjoy some time to ourselves in the past weeks. Reminding me how important it is to cultivate and cherish and work at the relationships we have. Talking to one another, spending time with one another, knowing one another's thoughts and interests and working together to keep that relationship healthy.

That's how it should be with God. Spending time with Him, spending time in His Word, Getting to know His heart and what he wants for us, treasuring His love and provisions for us, are all ways to build our relationship with Him.

Rituals are often done mindlessly - just to complete the task. There is no love involved. I have often equated religion with ritualism. Even just getting up and going to church - because that is what you are supposed to do -

But that isn't what God wants of us. He wants to know us - and wants us to know Him. And He is more than worthy of the time and effort it takes to keep our relationship with Him healthy.

I am working on my relationship with Him - and thankful that He is always there and waiting for us to turn to Him and just accept the love and gifts he is waiting to give to us.

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