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Saturday, April 30

April 30, 2011 (103/365)

I love doves and love when they sit on the railing of my deck! (Not too fond of what they leave behind, though) They have such a soothing cooing sound. So restful and comforting. Much like the words for the Gospel - so comforting and soothing when turbulent times strike and I need something to ground me. God's Word . . . the power to transform . . . how could we ever be ashamed of the Lord of the Universe and what He has done?

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And for my Bird Loving Friends:
I have to tell you that I had a new life list bird for me this week - the Red-breasted Grosbeak. You can check out the photo's here: Composition-Life

Wednesday, April 27

April 27, 2011 (100/365)

The quote is a variation on a saying about birds by Jacques Deval. I like it. God is the creator. He created the flowers and provided them with soil that they could grow and flourish, live their life from beginning to end, all the days he had allowed for them.

We say that we love creation, and yet - cut life short by trying to get the most pleasure out of it that we can. If only we would Humble ourselves before God and allow Him to use us as He intended - what joy and contentment we would all have - in Him.

Sunday, April 24

April 24, 2011 (97/365)

Today (and everyday) Celebrate the Resurrection!

Thank you Lord, for making a way for each one of us to be whole in your presence. It isn't by anything we have done - or ever could do. You are the one who completes us - and makes us worthy once again - to be in your presence and worship you!

Amazing Grace!
Amazing Love!
Amazing God!

Saturday, April 23

April 23, 2011 (96/365)

We all know the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's oratorio called Messiah - but have you ever heard the Hallelujah Chorus from Beethoven's one and only Oratorio "The Mount of Olives"

Definitely worth the listen! I posted it HERE

Friday, April 22

April 22, 2011 (95/365)

Good Friday . . .

This has to be one of my favorite posts from last year. And so I am posting it again on this very special day of remembrance.

I am in awe of the power of God, and the love He has for each and every one of us. The pain and agony He endured for us, brings tears to my eyes. How amazing is the love that He has for every single one of us - no matter what we have done . . .

He suffered so that we don't have too. He was made fun of, He was imprisoned, He was beat worse than horribly. He was murdered.
And He allowed it all to happen so that we could be forgiven and brought back into a right relationship with the Father.

Father, Father, why have you forsaken me? The words Christ spoke on the cross at the moment before he died.

I am so very thankful - that no matter how awful I have been - He has not and will not ever forsake me.

What an amazing love!

Thursday, April 21

April 21, 2011 (94/365)

So many songs come to mind today - "One Day at a Time" "Moment by Moment" "Thank You Lord" "Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart" to name just a few.

Today is a gift.

The people you come in contact with are loved by the King.

Love them too (no matter what).

Above I used a photo of a Downey Woodpecker (smaller beak) for comparison.

Below I posted a neat photo of a Hairy Woodpecker (longer beak). I think it is a cool shot with the tongue in there! I know you can't see his back side (tiny bit of the red cap on the head is showing - females have no red on the head) and colors (both birds are so similar in color) but it is the size of the bird and the size of the beak where you are able to notice the difference.

Wednesday, April 20

APril 20, 2011 (93/365)

White Goose at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, NY ~ April 19, 2011

Went digging for more genealogical clues yesterday over at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, NY. I had been there about 9 years ago, when I first started getting into the family history. But then it was all laid to rest for about 8 years until the renewed interest in the past few months.

While there, I did come upon the "Hastings" Family plot, where my great grandma from Germany is buried along with 6 of her 7 children. My grandfather is buried in Florida, where he died. The last person buried in this plot was in 1979, and yet someone still cares for the site, planting flowers. We must have a cousin who is living in the area.

My great grandmother's husband (yes ... my great grandfather) is buried on the other side of the cemetery. All alone. Kind of sad. I remember my mom saying that her dad never allowed them to even visit him, because he had hurt his mother so badly.

Solomon was truly wise, when he said,

"What has been will be again,
What has been done will be done again;
There is nothing new under the sun."
(Ecclesiastes 1:9)

Sometimes I think I worship my problems. When they are constantly in the forefront of my mind, and I am overwhelmed with them, my focus has been removed from God and all He has done for me. As I learn more and more about my ancestors, I see they may have lived in a different time, with different conveniences, but I also see that they had the same kind of 'people' issues that we all deal with today.

Today will have issues to be sure. Some of them probably really tough for some of us. Me? I want to keep my focus on God and what He has set out and accomplished for each one of us. My worship is Him, not the little (or big) issues that will present themselves to me today. No, nothing will happen today, that He and I can't handle together, if I let Him help me and guide me. I pray now for the strength to live these words.

Tuesday, April 19

April 19, 2011 (92/365)

So happy to have time at home this week, it's Spring Break. Lot's of birds posing for me yesterday. It was fun to have something to shoot again.
And .. yes that is snow. We started out all green in the morning - then had about 3-4 hours of heavy wet snow, which melted about an hour later. So this morning I wake to green again.

So many complain about the snow this time of year. I am tired of it as well, in the sense that my son has now had 4 baseball games cancelled so far - but it is what it is ... April! I do live in Western New York!! Good things come to those who wait, and well... we sure hope it will be an awesome spring and summer to follow what seems to be a very long winter season.

I love the variety of birds that are back, I even saw a goldfinch wearing it's bright yellow colors yesterday! Certainly a sign that the snow will not last forever!

Friday, April 15

April 15, 2011 (90/365)

Last year I purchased 4 new peony roots, in very early spring. Not one burst thru the ground. I thought for sure they were dead. But last week, my husband called me out to see what was breaking thru the soil and all 4 plants have broken thru this year. This is a photo of just one of the plants. Not much to look at right now - and probably this year there will be no blooms, but what they will (hopefully) grow into will be beautiful.

Reminded me of the scripture describing Christ.

Quote that comes to mind:
Don't judge a book by it's cover!

Have a wonderful day!!

Thursday, April 14

April 14, 2011 (89/365)

The Lord is the everlasting God
The Creator of the ends of the earth.
He will not grow tired or weary
and His understanding no one can fathom.
Isaiah 40:28

Wednesday, April 13

April 13, 2011 (88/365)

Finally got my camera out again yesterday, My youngest had his first baseball game of the season (Freshman Team at school), and he was pretty sure he was going to start. So he asked me to take my camera.

As I was walking from the house to the car - I couldn't help but be drawn to the buds - and flowers (yep we have flowers!).

Hyacinths and Daffodils are blooming. The lilac buds are getting bigger.

This photo is from yesterday. I remember reading that at the end of the year (in fall) lilacs already have the buds on for the next spring. All thru the winter they sleep, until wakened by the spring. I'd say these little babies are waking up! It puts a smile on my face.

Back to the game -
My son did start catching, and in the fourth inning when the coach realized the pitcher had a Perfect Game going - he decided not to make any changes. I didn't realize it was a perfect game until the last out happened - and my son threw his helmet and ran to the pitcher - (we were so very cold it was hard to keep track of the score!!). But I knew - something big had happened. I couldn't remember the other team getting any runs - or hits for that matter - we asked the pitcher's dad if it was a no hitter - he just smiled and said, "It was a Perfect Game."

So my youngest has not only pitched a perfect game (himself a couple years ago), he now has caught for a perfect game as well!

Tuesday, April 12

April 12, 2011 (87/365)

We cling to what we know.
We have confidence in a world that seems to be crumbling around us.
We fear the unknown.

And yet - the One who created each one of us and the world we live in ~ is in control and He says, "Do not be afraid."

But He doesn't give things as we understand . . .
What He offers is so much better . . .
If we only look to Him
and accept

and trust

I was refreshed greatly this past weekend, as I was able to be in the presence of one I consider to be a "Paul" of our day. An amazing servant of the most High God, who has lived an amazing life - filled with battles for the King of Kings - in a world that is crumbling. His faith humbles me, the circumstances he has survived bring me to tears, as I wonder if I could ever be faithful as he is.

This morning I am thanking God for His servant, who inspires and uplifts and encourages.

Friday, April 8

April 8, 2011 (85/365)

A picture from the archives (still no leaves around here)
- but a new post for this year.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 7

April 7, 2011 (84/365)

It is a very foggy morning here this morning. Reminds me of our trip to the vineyards last year. As I haven't been able to get out and get any new photos, I thought I would share one of my favorites from the vineyard last year. Fog to me - represents - uncertainty, not able to see what comes next.

The words for me - in this time of uncertainty - remind me that worry wastes our lives. My duty - is to live each day for Christ - and make each day count. Worrying only hinders the ability to do that. How can I honor Him and live for Him - if I am not trusting Him to make all things good?

Just my thoughts today.

Tuesday, April 5

April 5, 2011 (82/365)

Two "oscopy's" for him yesterday and we still don't know anything. Praising God that they didn't find anything - everything was all clear - so we were told. Seeing a surgeon today for another consultation.

Even in the tough and uncertain times - we trust and we know we are loved.