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Monday, January 5

Monday January 5, 2014

It's that time of year - when almost everyone looks change something about themselves for the better. New Year's Resolutions. I try not to make them on the first day of the new year - because in the past, by January 2nd,  I have usually failed. Thank God, He gives us a 'do over' every time the sun rises.

A couple of things caught my attention this year, with regard to 'making changes.'

I already told you about Beth Moore's project of memorizing 24 scripture verses this year. I haven't given up on that one yet - but it is a challenge. I have the first  8 words of 34 in my 1st chosen verse.  I think later today I need to write a song - to sing them to. Perhaps that will help.  I've written them down, created a home page on my computer - so that it is in front of me every time I pass my desk. I am so bad at memorizing so this is definitely something good for me to work on. 

I have also read several pages of people picking out a single word to focus on through out the year.  I like that idea too. I had an interesting situation arise recently.  I re-posted a video on Facebook of someone having a serious temper tantrum in public.  Thankfully one of my sisters called me on it. I guess it all comes down to experiences and what we can relate to.

When I see people losing their tempers with their elderly parents in the line at the grocery store - I hurt in my heart for both of them. The elderly parent who is struggling as they age - and the child - who will regret and relive those moments - the first time they shop after their parent has passed away.

I think it all comes down to perspective. I can relate to the elderly parent situation - not that I ever berated my mom in the grocery store in front of others - but I surely remember being embarassed when she couldn't get the electric cart to work right and she completely destroyed the bulk food section by driving into all of the barrels and moving them about.  - Oh yes .... I can smile and laugh at it now - but in the moment .... it was hard.

It is easy to put myself in the shoes of others - when I have shared those experiences. Much harder when they are foreign to me, like the woman arguing over a few cents. And so - I have chosen the word PERSPECTIVE as my word to focus my life around this year.

Before I make a judgement, I need to think (duh.... didn't we all learn this in elementary school).  I need to put myself in their shoes and imagine why they are reacting or performing in such a way. Look at people the way God looks at people. 

I know - this isn't my normal kind of photo - and I didn't take this photo. It was of my dad in Japan 1945-46ish) during WWII - near Mt. Fuji  ~ a great photo - I thought, to pair with the word perspective, and help me to remember this year - to put myself in someone else's shoes first - and see things thru their circumstances, before I react, judge, comment or share. To make sure I look at the person in the way God would and respond as an 'imitator of God'  (yeah - that is part of my January 1st bible memory verse too :)

1 comment:

Ruth Hiebert said...

I think that the words you have shared would be wise for everyone to follow.Life is tough enough without being judged by others.