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Wednesday, December 25

Merry Christmas 2013!

A Very Merry Christmas is wished to all near and far!

May God bless each one of you 
with joy and peace in your hearts 
this day and all that follow.

Treasure the gift of your families!
Treasure the gifts of your friends!

Take a moment today to count the myriad of blessings each one of us has had woven into our lives. Once you start listing or counting - it is amazing the things we take for granted - things and integral parts of our lives that would be sorely missed had they not been 'gifted' to us.


Karin said...

Beautiful evergreen - love that colour! No snow on it though, lol! Have a blessed Christmas!

Ruth Hiebert said...

May you feel the love and joy of Christmas all year.

Unknown said...

Lovely blog pictures and expresssions associated.