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Friday, April 5

April 5, 2013

We drove downtown (Buffalo, NY) a week or so ago. It is only a 30 minute drive for us. But it was rainy and dark and cold. I did have my camera with me, so as we passed City Hall I snapped this photo out the window - as we passed by. (My hubby gets frustrated when I ask him to stop in the middle of the road - so this was a drive by shot).  It isn't the greatest  - but as I looked at it today, the first thought to enter my mind was the 'streets of gold' that will be in heaven.

Then my mind traveled to the verse in Revelation that says, "He is the Light and there will be no need for lights in heaven, because of that." No need for the sun or the moon and certainly no need for human inventions. Just God. Just Jesus. Just us.

No worries, no tears, no sickness, no failures, no mess ups . . .

Oh what a day that will be!


Anita Johnson said...

I think of heaven often too...we get glimpses here...yes, oh what a day that will be!

Karin said...

Your drive-by shooting is amazing and the Scriptures very fitting! What a day that will be!!