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Tuesday, October 9

October 9, 2012

So much going on in my mind lately. This quote hit me squarely in the face.
As Christians, we believe Christ, we trust Christ and we try to live as Christ.

And yet - so many do not live the lives of trying to live as Christ, but continually flaunt beliefs contrary to Him, in His face.

It breaks my heart. It must break His as well, and yet . . . .

How do we love with God's eyes and God's heart?
When I am hurt and wounded - I want to strike back. He does not.
How will I ever learn to be like Him?

I'm so glad He doesn't give up on me.


Karin said...

Just had a similar discussion with someone who is struggling through this right now. So thankful for God's patience and persistence in teaching us to have less of self and more of Him daily. Blessings!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I am guilty of just that. Yes,I DO want to live like Christ,and will continue to stove for that.Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Anita Johnson said...

I can only say, "Amen". Good to start my day with this thought in my mind.