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Sunday, October 14

October 14, 2012

As beautiful as Autumn is, it can be a challenge as we watch the beauty of summer fade away. Leaves fall from the trees, well loved plants and flowers dry up and die. Oh, I know it is the 'circle of life.' But that is hard sometimes. It is the perfect reminder of our lives.

Time marches on. The cycle of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall - continues to spiral around us as we watch new life arrive around us, with it's colorful and joyful youth. It grows and matures and replicates itself, until it is eventually aged and falling apart and finally is gone - only to be replaced by new life again.

Change is hard. Yes, change is very hard. And although there is such grace and beauty in this 'circle' . . . there is sadness as well.

Everything around us changes, except for Him. He is constant. He is reliable, trustworthy, dedicated, unswerving, unwavering and true. He never changes. He never lies. His promises are true. He is forever.



Karin said...

He is the same yesterday, today and forever! So glad HE changes not - as we deal with all the health changes in our lives at present. God is good! Thanks for the Scripture!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

First,let me say that the image is gorgeous. Yes,change is very hard,but unless we embrace it life will be almost unbearable.Have a great day.

Anita Johnson said...

Hallelujah indeed! Love how you illustrated the verse!