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Friday, May 11

May 11, 2012

I love these quotes.

So many times we find ourselves searching for happiness.

"If only I had this ... If only I could.... I would finally be happy if....."  you fill in the blanks.

Then, when get what we thought we needed so desperately, we find that it isn't the answer either. And so we move on to the next desire.

When will we learn - that happiness is not found in things - but that 'joy in life' is found in the journey? (and by the way - I think there is a big difference between JOY and HAPPINESS - but I don't have time to go there this morning).

Perhaps the word we need to look for is SATISFIED. It seems humans are never satisfied. We always have to look for the next great thing.

For me ... I look to God. I find my deep joy in Him, and in His promises. There is nothing in this life that will satisfy me as His Word, His Works, and His Love does.
All things will pass away ... but His Word is FOREVER!


Janice K said...

Perhaps, like Paul, we need to learn to be content in all situations.

Beautiful post!

Dorothy said...

When I was young I had the "if only" mind set. Now, I find Joy, Happiness and Satisfaction in the day to day journey.

Anita Johnson said...

I've read this post twice now...and I think I have a new word to use now...SATISFIED. Describes everything perfectly for me tonight. Thank you...