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Wednesday, March 7

March 7, 2012

I can't help it.  I am hoping it is true.

We have been enjoying such a mild winter.

This weekend - our clocks spring forward and boom - spring is almost here.

Have we really gotten thru a winter with having to snow blow and shovel only 3 times?

Is the time of hibernation and staying inside in the dark almost over?

I want to get my hands in the dirt.

I want to see the new life bursting forth from the soil . . . the promise of color and beauty.

Although in the plant world - we must wait thru the long night of cold and darkness to begin again.  We have to wait for the conditions to be right.

How grateful I am that everyday (any moment for that matter) can be a new beginning for our hearts and souls.

The promise of Spring . . .
The promise of Life . . .
The promise of Love . . .

1 comment:

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I enjoy the snow,but at this time,bring on the spring.I am ready.