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Monday, March 26

March 26, 2012

I love springtime ... for many reasons of course. One of those reasons is the forget-me-not. 

My front flower bed is always over run by them, lots of folks see them as weeds, but I love them. They are so delicate and beautiful - I let them be - and when they finally go to seed - I make sure to shake all the seeds on the bed - as I pull them up - to ensure more for the next year. 

It never fails, whenever I see a forget me not I begin to sing the old hymn "Pass Me Not - O Gentle Savior... Do not pass me by."  It is a beautiful song (I love Fernando Ortega's version). But even as I contemplate the words of that song - I am reminded that God never forgets us. 

We were in the forefront of his mind - even before we were born. 

Perhaps the forget me nots - are not there for us to ask God to Remember us - but are in fact God speaking  to us . . . "I am here . . .  I am waiting . . . whatever you need, I want you to turn to me . . . keep me as part of your moments, your days, your life." 

Forget HIM Not


Adrienne said...

LOVE that thought--forget Him not. Thanks for this lovely start to my day.

Anita Johnson said...

I love forget-me-nots too. I thought this was sweet, after our Buster's passing, our vet sent us a card with a packet of forget me not seeds...I most certainly will spread them where he is buried. I love your last paragraph...