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Thursday, March 22

March 22, 2012

Boy these words ring true for me. After the last couple of months - it seems that there has been one thing right after another. Larry's surgery, my asthma attack, worry over whether my job will be cut in the next round of layoffs for the school district I work for, Jacob's broken nose and surgery, my oldest son's life and the recent challenges he has had to face, and now my brother hurt on his motorcycle (after having rotator cuff surgery not too long ago).  Thankfully he landed on the other side when he broke 3 ribs.

People always say things come in cycles of 3. I don't believe that any longer.

I am grateful to God that all of the above situations turned out to be NOT life threatening - just stressful. And although I am thankful everyday of our lives for the sun shining (even if it is behind the clouds) my home to be in good repair to keep us out of the elements, money to pay our bills, current jobs to earn that money and friends and family who care for us. There are so many things every day that point us to God - giving us the opportunity to be in a constant state of thanks!

Paul was an interesting guy - don't you think? He even thanked God for the 'thorn' in his life.

The trials and tribulations that have entered our lives recently - have certainly pointed me towards God - as I have asked for His intervention. He is always the first one I turn to. I wish I was to the place that I could say, "Thank you for this thorn" - but I often have found myself on my knees begging for His intervention. Wanting the circumstances to turn out the way I envision the way they are suppose to be. Will I ever get to the point - of being thankful for difficulties, of understanding why things happen as they do.

We see it in the change of seasons, we see it in the rainbow after the storm - often it is thru the hard times - we grow closer to God. I guess it is a plus that I am to the point of understanding that.

Praying I am able to be thankful in all situations - and will always remember Romans 8:28. Whether the race is one long marathon or a bunch of shorter races - we CAN persevere when we remember that: In all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. 


Karin said...

And HE's proven Himself to be trustworthy - over and over again. I sometimes chide myself for not having learned this much sooner in life. He loves us! Enjoy His love today!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Yes,God really has our well being in mind. The "thorns" are not fun to deal with,but God gives strength for each moment.