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Thursday, March 1

March 1, 2012

It is a battle out there my friends.
A battle for souls.

Please take a moment and pray for the families in your lives.
Pray for the parents of teenagers who are so lost and struggling trying to find their way in this world. Pray for the kids.

Pray for those who have left the path in search of happiness and joy that can never be found outside the Love of God.

Pray for strength and peace in parents hearts - that they will have confidence in the God who created their children, that He loves them even more than they ever could.

Pray for God's people to surround the lost and weary - that they would have their eyes opened to the Love and Peace and Joy they are searching for and that they would find it in healthy and strong relationships with God's people.


Karin said...


Anita Johnson said...

I was "busy" looking at blogs, but then I came to your post, and found your quiet, but challenging words, closed my eyes and said a prayer. Thank you.