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Thursday, February 9

February 9, 2012

This little house - was in a residential section of Meissen, Germany. We had several hours to walk the town and explore. There were lots of narrow little streets with shops, the huge castle/church at the top of the hill, a smaller church in the center of the village, and people exploring everywhere.

I remember roaming thru the streets, at times with different groups of friends - and other times alone.

How true it is . . . that when we are alone - we are so inward drawn - looking around us only to see how things relate to 'me' and 'my world.' But when we travel with friends we have a larger view of the world. We see how places and circumstances are viewed through another set of eyes - affecting another set of circumstances.

As often as I find myself, loving to be a hermit, enclosed in my own little world, we were not made to live life that way.

How refreshing it is to open the windows and let in the 'fresh air' - and see others - and ourselves with another set of eyes.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

The windows at the top look like eyes peeking out...very lovely...and yeah, I find my relationships are so much more valuable when I open myself up; it's just hard to do so!