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Wednesday, February 8

February 8, 2012

In the medieval town of Dinklesbuhl, Germany, there was an ancient church with an awesome steeple. If you survived walking up the enclosed staircase, you were rewarded with an amazing view of the beautiful town surrounded by a wall.

I paid the fee and began the trek. What you see in the photo is exactly what I experienced. I get the same claustrophobic enclosed feeling - looking at the photo - as I did when I was enclosed in the cement stairway.

It was very narrow, perhaps 6.5 feet in height. You could only see this tiny bit at a time. Heaven forbid - someone was coming down while you were going up. There was room for only one.

My claustrophobia won out - and I turned around and went back down - thankful and grateful for the freedom of being out side.

When I found this quote this morning - I immediately thought of this photo. How often we give up on something so worthwhile - because of our fears and because of our little faith.

Oh - that my faith would grow - and  don't miss out on the unseen - because of my fears.


Karin said...

We did climb a similar staircase and it is totally like you say. I could definitely do this staircase BECAUSE it is enclosed. I could sit down for a moment in an emergency! I would feel sheltered and shielded on all sides, BUT get me to climb open staircase with a simple handrail where I could see back down to the bottom or off to the side and NO WAY would I be climbing it! All that to say that each of our fears are unique!

Anita Johnson said...

Everything is perfect...the quote, the photo, your thoughts. I would have had to turn back too, oh, that my faith would grow too.