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Saturday, February 25

February 25, 2012

Day 3 of laying completely low and still. Thankful these asthma flare ups happen less and less - but it always seems they get much worse after the Dr visit, before they get better. 

Feel bad I didn't get to accomplish all I wanted on Spring Break. It is back to school on Monday, although I can't walk 10 feet without a coughing fit at this point. 

No, I am not at the end of my rope - as the quote above says - I am thankful and grateful for doctors that can help treat these problems. These are but physical ailments, and I don't compare them to the weariness that the scripture from Matthew perhaps is talking about. 

Heavy on my heart this morning is the knowledge that there are so many Christians across the world suffering horrendous and awful things for the cause of Christ - and yet they still look to Him - with a mirror of the Light shining  so gloriously from their eyes and hearts - as they serve and wait on the King of kings. 

You most likely have heard of the struggles of the Christian minister who converted from I * s * m - being arrested in 3-4 years ago - taken away from his wife and two young children. He was told if he renounced his faith in God - and went back to I * s * m - he would be released. 

That man has tied a knot and is hanging on - as it seems he has now been sentenced to death for NOT denouncing God. 

There are countless horrific stories that come out of m * lim countries, from those who have  come to the truth in the ways of God thru Christ, and yet have been and are being tormented and tortured by this wonderful loving and peaceful religion of I * s * m. 

Another man I have read about from a very reliable source, converted from I * * s * m to Christianity and shortly later he was arrested by his government. He was tortured for days in ways of intense physical pain to get him to deny his faith in Christ. After trying to kill him and torturing him in barbarous ways that are horrifying to imagine, he was finally hospitalized for almost a year and then was rescued. 

After such horrendous trials, he is back preaching and teaching the Word so that others may know and be released from this religion that claims to be of peace and love. 

So in our lands of freedom of religion, where we can pick and choose what we believe - even make up our own faith - by taking what we think is the best from all the options out there - we live in our own little worlds of partying and self amusement totally enjoying ourselves while there are people actually dying to have a relationship with the King of kings and trying desperately to live lives that would bring glory to Him? Why are they risking their physical beings - to help others see the Light? 

I think it is a question that if we don't have an answer for - we need to find one. 

Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun. History is scary - when we see the rise and fall of all the civilizations of the world over and over - Democratic Countries don't stay on top for ever - 

Yes, this week has caused me to be weary of my temporary illness - but there are much more serious issues at stake for many across the world.

And so I close this morning praying for all of our brothers and sisters in Christ who are brave enough to stand for the Truth and continue to share Him with those whose ears and hearts have been hardened to hear. 


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

We who have so much and a great freedom,often do not realize just what we have. You have said it very well.Thanks.

Karin said...

So true! Time to be grateful and pray for those who face such terrible challenges. May the Lord be their strength every new day! Get well soon!

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Praying for you, Valerie and for our brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world who suffer for Him.