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Monday, February 13

February 13, 2012

Yes, we finally got a bit more snow this past weekend - and I was able to go out and snap a few shots of it. It was blowing and snowing - making visibility a bit challenging at this point in the morning.

I had to think a bit when I found the quote above. I've never thought of snow as petals of frozen flowers - but it is a beautiful thought.

Like a flower girl - sprinkling fresh flowers on the aisle as she prepares it for the bride . . . snow perhaps can be viewed as a gift of refreshment, love falling from above, to give a moment for self reflection, meditation, a prayer of thankfulness or silence to feel the arms of the Creator wrapping around us . . . letting us know

He is there ... and He cares.


Karin said...

Lovely thoughts on a beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing!

Anita Johnson said...

Interesting quote...flower and snow...beautiful thoughts and photo. We had snow too, but ours looks old and dirty already...not an inspiring winter for photos!