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Thursday, January 5

January 5, 2012

Can you tell that I love the cardinals. I photograph them whenever they are in the yard or at the feeders. They are so beautiful and bright.

I came across this quote by Tozer - it made me pause.

So very true. I brag and brag about my children, they are my life. They are close to my heart.

I say that I am nothing without God, and yet I find myself keeping thoughts to myself, at times. As  I think back, I don't brag too much about Him.

I need to change that.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Keep on showing the Cardinals. I love them. That quote gives a lot to think about.

Karin said...

We have a saying in German, "Was das Herz voll ist, geht der Mund ueber," loosely translated, "What fills your heart, will bubble forth through your mouth." Keep bubbling forth about the goodness of God! Love those cardinals - don't have those gorgeous birds around here.

Janice K said...

A beautiful post...and I have always loved the song "Come to Jesus." (I don't think that is it's actual name.)

Thank you!