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Wednesday, January 4

January 4, 2012

You can turn the music off at the bottom left of the page.

I have written it many times in the past.
We all know the saying (and perhaps the song).
One day at a time.

I actually like to make the increments a little smaller.
One moment at a time.

Before I open my mouth . . . I need to pray for wisdom.
Before I leap into action . . . I need to pray for perseverance.

I remember a 'forward' I received in an email once - that has wedged a place in my mind. I am not sure I remember it correctly, but the jist of it was something about a new fence at the back of the yard, and a young boy going out and hammering nails all over the fence. Dad came out and was very angry. The boy said, "I'm sorry" and proceeded to pull all the nails out. The apology was accepted, the nails were removed, but there was deep wounding of the fence. There were holes all over. It was scarred.

Our actions and words can have a deep impact. They often can leave scars.

Moments past are over and done,  we cannot change them.
An hour from now, we have no idea where we will be or what we will be doing.
But this moment right now - we can live, we can choose, we can pray to have a lasting and positive impact on those around us.

And in this moment right now, that is what I am praying for.


Karin said...

Each new day is definitely an awesome gift! May God be honored by each breath we take!!

Anita Johnson said...

Wonderful wisdom here...your photo and the fence story...what a great reminder to slow down, to choose our words wisely...to try to be a positive influence in the moment we are in!