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Friday, January 27

January 27, 2012

I love to watch raptors fly in the sky...

Soar with their wings...

Glide on the wind.

They are so powerful.

I was so excited when I captured this photo of the red tailed hawk, a long while back. I just happened to be passing by my favorite hawk watching spot - when there it was. Just sitting on the power line.  I had  my camera with me - so I stopped on the side of the road and walked right under where it was - to snap a few (you know me better than that - it was more like a hundred) shots of this powerful bird.

I remember being very frightened. Hawks are scary. They attack. They can hurt you, if you get in their way. This one was watching me very closely. I felt exposed. I felt vulnerable. When I got back in the car I felt safe again. Funny how that bird - less than half the size of me, could create such fear.

Fear can be overwhelming, but only when we allow ourselves to be so open to it. Only when we keep our eyes, and hearts and minds focused on it and not on God.

So, what happens when we put our eyes back on God? What happens when we are totally focused on His power to overcome that which is so overwhelming to us?

We see that He IS the one in control. He is the ALL POWERFUL Creator and Redeemer.
     Remember Jeremiah 32:17 
            "There is nothing that You (talking about God) cannot do!"

Praying today - that each one of us will remember who has the power and strength.
Praying that we will keep our eyes and hearts and minds focused on Him and His desires and hopes for us. Praying that He WILL open the eyes of our hearts and allow us to see Him as He overcomes all that which concerns us.

1 comment:

Karin said...

I did get the shivers just thinking about you taking photos that close, but he was under God's control and not allowed to hurt you no matter how menacing he stared at you! Open the eyes of our heart Lord - love that chorus!! I'll be humming now....
Have a great week-end!