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Friday, January 20

January 20, 2012

I don't get too many photos of the night sky, you know ... problems with lighting.

But I came across the quote this morning, while reading January 20th Streams in the Desert Devotional.

Blessed is the Night, For it reveals the stars.

Without the darkness, we would never see the beauty of the stars.
Without the rain and storm clouds, we would never see the beauty of a rainbow.

And without struggles and fears and hard times - we may never see how God can work in our lives.

Have you heard that quote, "You talking to me??" Well I feel as though today's devotion was aimed right at me for this place and time in my life.

They are planning the budget for our next school year. They say the cuts will be worse than last year. I am VERY near the bottom. I am asking for God to be faithful to His word that says, "God will provide all I need."

Worry and fear are my companions these days.

But my heart wants to sing,  Blessed be Your Name God - in good times, in bad times, in all times. You are in control. There is joy to be found in all circumstances. Help me to see it. Help me to trust you. Help me to keep my eyes on You.

Link to today's "Streams in the Desert"


Dorothy said...

Wishing you Peace in these uncertain days. Through the hardest trials of my life is where I could see that God was providing for me. His provenient Grace is always going before me! At the lowest point in my life (financially), was when I was able to start tithing. God will provide for you, maybe not in the way you thought, but He will take care of you. Love and Peace

Karin said...

Very encouraging post Valerie! Yes, in this world we will have fear, but HE has overcome the world. Wonderful that we can have these conversations with ourselves and thank you for sharing this one with us.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

It is often in the darkest of times that we feel God the closest.I know that has been my experience.