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Tuesday, January 10

January 10, 2012

It is just like us, to get caught up in the day to day, always thinking about the present, often forgetting to think about the future, the days to come.

I know - I have posted many quotes that say "live one day at a time," and "Yesterday is gone, today is a gift,"  among others - but this thought from CS Lewis encouraged me to think again.

We are eternal beings. We are Souls, living in a land temporarily, in temporary bodies that are loaned to us, for use here. But it is the depth of our being, the very center of our thoughts and minds that display who we are.

So, looking at it that way - that each one of us is a soul . . . temporarily living life here - does that create a desire to change who you are and how you live, and what is important to you?

It surely makes me want to rethink my day to day choices and how they will reflect eternity for my soul and the souls around me.


Anita Johnson said...

I'm going to ponder that quote all day!

Dorothy said...

I was thinking just yesterday about a saying that I heard, can't remember the exact words, but it said something like "We are not humans having a Spiritual experience, but we are a Spirit, having a human experience." Sort of the same thought, I think.

Karin said...

This world is not my home - I'm just apassing through!!

Karin said...

This world is not my home, I'm just apassing through!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Very interesting, Valerie.... I love that quote.. We do need to think of ourselves and others as SOULS.... Yes, it does make us rethink our day to day choices....