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Wednesday, November 16

November 16, 2011

I don't like cats. Maybe it is because they scare me. Something about their eyes. I am very uncomfortable around them. I especially have trouble with the ones that run freely around - spraying my outdoor furniture - marking it as their own. It stinks!

But kittens are cute and cuddly and for some reason, I don't mind them.

The other day - I saw this big blob sitting on my compost. At first I thought a raccoon, and then was worried because it was day time. But it moved and I realized it was this big fluffy cat.

I  don't like it. But it does have wonderful eyes doesn't it.

Funny isn't it ... the very thing that scares me about cats - is the thing I am drawn to with this one.

I shot the photo from my deck - with my 270mm lens - so no, I didn't get to close.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful photo and CAT, Valerie. I like cats ---simply because I grew up with one. Snowball was so friendly and loving... BUT--some cats are not friendly and loving!!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Dorothy said...

Beautiful shot! Its eyes are very questioning. We always had cats when I was growing up, but now I don't want them around. I still think the kittens are so cute when they are playful.
That's a profound quote by Anne Frank!! Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone tried to improve the world!!!

Karin said...

Does look like it has the markings of a raccoon!! I find most cats so aloof and I don't much care for them either - but like you, I love little kittens!!

Anita Johnson said...

This is a beautiful cat! Unusual markings. We were always "cat" people, but now dogs share our home.