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Sunday, October 23

October 23, 2011

Guess I have not done so well this year - keeping up with a post a day. I admit, I have hardly taken my camera out since getting back from Europe at the end of July. Still I am struggling with getting thru all of the photos I took - and reliving the memories. We recently got our CD's and it took me back right away to the moments I treasure in my mind.

It is almost as if I want to escape the reality of the life I live. It seems I have been hiding away, a bit - finding myself lost in the world of fiction and stories. I find I finish one book and want to being another right away. I have read about 40 books since my husband bought me my kindle back in May. Kind of sad . . .

As I look back - realize that I have read the rest of my summer away - and even the month of September.

I did get my camera out last week - and went to one of my favorite trees - and captured this moment in time. Already one week later - the colors behind the tree have turned a more dismal brown and grey.

As we approach the long season of cold and darkness (when one would desire to hide away with a good book in front of the fireplace), I find I want to be back out in the life of the living - not hidden away in another time and place -

But I admit - it was the last books I have read that helped me to realize I wasn't created to hide myself away.

I have really enjoyed reading Lynn Austin's God's and Kings: Chronicles of the Kings # 1 (Friday and Saturday) and then yesterday and this morning read book #2 Song of Redemption. The story of Hezekiah in the old testament.

Oh, I know it is a fictional account and at times - some of the writings pull me out of the 'time and place' (for example: she referred to one of the characters stating that he had read the "book of Job" . . . did they even know what a 'book' was back then??) - but the desire was kindled in me to research Hezekiah - read the biblical account - read the historical accounts- see how Isaiah's prophecies fit into those moments in time - these books are a catalyst to make me search for the truth . .

"Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is one,"

Words repeated over and over thru out the book. Burning a question in my mind - how many things in my life - are crowding Him out? And so the words that came to me today as I looked at the photo of my tree -

God loves us, God wants us, that is reality. He waits for us. If we only humble ourselves before Him - He will lift us up and enable us to do the work He has called us to do.

But we need to let Him . . .


Karin said...

Every once in a while we have a time of 'retreat' as much as is possible in our busy lives. Love that photo of the lonely tree in the middle of a huge field! Yet God is fully present with the Sonshine! He understands our inner workings much better than we can. In humility we wait on Him! May HE lift you up!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Love this picture and the verse is wonderful. It amazes me when I think that God longs for me to come commune with Him.

Melody said...

So glad you posted. I have missed your beautiful pictures and thoughtful words.

Stacey Dawn said...

I struggle with keeping up with my blog, too. Beautiful image - nice to see you!