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Monday, August 1

I am Back!!

(Westendorf, Austria Thursday July 21, 2011)

Just a quick post to let you know all is well and my son and I returned from our European Tour very early this morning at 2 am. I took so many pictures (1800) and have lots to weed thru. I will be posting on our trip over at COMPOSITION LIFE as well as using photos here from the trip.

Can't wait to share the trip with you - thru the photos.

God is awesome!
Everyone is safe and sound - everything went very smoothly. There was an accident that involved the bus my son and I were on (there were 2 buses carrying 100 of us) but no one was injured - and Kudos to our bus driver who by swerving- avoided killing the driver of the car who did not stop at a stop light and ran into us.

Even the plane rides and 26 hours on the bus as we toured Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic were perfect with no anxiety on my part at all.

Working thru my jet lag, unpacking, and getting used to being home - then I will share it all with you!

Hope you are well.
I have missed you!



Marydon said...

You will be bringing back many memories for us. We've been several times to these countries. I so loved Prague & the colorful painted buildings, & the exquisite crystals, glass & china. The countrysides are awesome in all these countries. Dying to see your pics.

So glad you are home safely.

Have a beautiful week `

Karin said...

Welcome home! Looking forward to what you have to share. Hubby and I visited in the late 80s - too long ago!!

Janice K said...

Anxious to see your pictures. I have often wished to see Germany and Austria.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Welcome back.I am looking forward to hearing all about this trip.

Anita Johnson said...

So glad you and your son had a wonderful time, Valerie! I can't wait to experience the trip through your photos. I'm thankful for your safety too....yikes!