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Tuesday, June 28

June 28, 2011 (152/365)

I've been missing in action a bit - -the last week has been filled to the rim.

I did successfully pack up my classroom at school all the while combining the school music materials into one place (my room) as my coworker and colleague has been laid off. A very emotional week. I am terrible at saying goodbye. Often I just avoid it. It is just too hard.

My second son graduated from High School on Saturday. My husband's brother's beautiful family came to stay with us on the weekend (but I never had time to clean my house). They came into town because my husband's sister's son graduated this weekend too.

We had a nice combined graduation dinner for the two boys on Sunday night.

Of course my youngest had a double header baseball game on Sunday - 40 minutes away. They won both games, and even though we had sweatshirts on - because it was so cloudy and cool (temps in the low 60's) I got sunburned!!

But it is time to take stock of what matters:
I am so very thankful - for my son's successful completion of his high school years.
I am so very thankful for a healthy family.
I am so very thankful to have my job for (at least) one more year.

I am so very thankful for my home - but spring cleaning that should have been done 2 months ago - is finally getting done this week. I am thankful to have the time to do it now.

Does time ever slow down? No, not at all. And I guess that is why the scripture and quotes work so well for me today.

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Dorothy said...

Beautiful post and one we all need to read!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thanks for posting this verse today.Health news from a sister in law is not good,but this verse puts life into persecutive.