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Thursday, June 2

June 2, 2011 (135/365)

This is the little walk that leads to my front porch. Guess I should have taken the time to straighten the bricks. I am bad. They used to line a flower bed down by the road, and when we took the bed apart and planted grass down there, we just brought the bricks up to line this side of the flower bed by the sidewalk. I should have straightened them out before I took the picture!

It is a mixture of annuals (marigolds, geraniums and zinnia's) as well as my perennials (peony, coreopsis, daisy, hosta, rudbeckia, echinacea, sedum, and iris). This is the flower bed we enjoy at the end of the day as we sit on the porch reflecting the days events.

We talk about our day, and reflect on the past and hope for the future. I have been so blessed thru all my life, to have people to share life with, and reflect on the past, dream about the future and share in the moments of each day.

Many of you have become part of that for me. And I thank God for you.

Hope today is a good one for you -
The weekend is coming. (yeah my mom's voice is in my head again - don't wish your life away Valerie). And I am not. My middle son will be going to the prom tomorrow night. So I am a bundle of nerves. Praying for God's protection and common sense for him.


LDH said...

So pretty! I like the bricks just like they are... unpretentious and casual. I have never grown peonies but have always thought they are one of the prettiest flowers.

I thank God for you too and appreciate that with each of your posts my thoughts are directed toward Him!

Karin said...

Love those bricks just as they are - artistic! Oh, I'm like you and would have wanted to straighten them, but as I live longer, I realize that things don't have to be even steven! It's a gorgeous flowerbed to sit by and ponder yesterday, today and tomorrow - Jesus is the same!! Quite enjoyed the verse by Einstein!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

THe flower bed is lovely.I can imagine how relaxing it must be to sit and chat with the one you love.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Valerie, I love your yard. The flowers are gorgeous... We have some of those blocks in our yard --and they are VERY hard to keep straight... We quit trying... ha

Love that Einstein quote..... Just know that your son will be FINE. You have raised him well.