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Friday, June 17

June 17, 2011 (147/365)

The big trip is still on! It is still unbelievable to me at times. But, steady progress is being made in getting ready. One big concern, was what camera I would take. If you have followed me for a while, you know I shoot with a Canon Rebel xti. Within the first year (2009) I ended up with a bent pin, so I have been unable to change my storage card. Knowing that I shoot about 300 photos in one 2 hour baseball game - I knew 400 photo's would not be enough for this trip - so I had thought I would take my little Kodak.

I had been saving and saving to buy a new camera - but - my oldest son needed tires for his car - and well ... that is how it goes.

So my husband said, how about our middle son's camera. He shoots with a Nikon D3000. Why not take that one. So, I asked him (and told him I would get him a zoom lens in the bargain) and he said yes. So I will be taking his Nikon with his kit lens (18-55mm) and a zoom (50-200mm).

I have started practicing with the camera - it is really different - and really challenging. I am glad for the opportunity though - because I can compare a lot of things and really decide which system I like better.

The photo above was with the Nikon. I love the color of the grass as it blurred so nicely - but although it is a straight out of the camera shot - the colors are not true. I have to work on shooting in manual mode to figure out how to get a truer color.


Karin said...

Have fun on your trip! As 'camera' is like a foreign language to me, I'm glad you got that all sorted out and know what you're doing! Love those raindrops - and yes, God sends the rains on us all!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I hope that camera works well for you.It would be such a shame to travel,and then have a camera not work the way you want it too. NIkon is a good name in cameras,so all should be well.I love the quote ,it seems to speak to me.Thanks.

Janice K said...

Those raindrops really stand out! Nice picture.

Anita Johnson said...

So exciting! Look for the white balance setting...it makes such a difference as you know from the Canon. Will you be taking a lap top? I used to take my memory card out everytime I downloaded pictures,but now do it with the camera cable. I never take the card out anymore. Obviously, this would only work for you if you could store all of those great pictures you will be taking somewhere. So glad you will have this experience with your son!