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Wednesday, June 15

June 15, 2011 (145/365)

Praying especially for our soldiers in harms way today.
Praying that God would protect them and keep them safe.
Praying for their minds to be alert to the danger that surrounds them.
Praying for the exhausted and weakened bodies - that God would allow them rest to be fortified.

Praying for their families who are beside themselves with worry.
Praying God would strengthen them so they can give the burdens to Him.
Praying God would comfort them in the knowledge that He loves their children more than they ever could.

Praying with Thanksgiving for those who step out to protect and defend those who cannot.


Dorothy said...

Beautiful post and prayer!!! Cute little squirrel!

Kerri said...

tHANK YOU for this post!

Anita Johnson said...

One of our friend's son just returned from Afganistan...the stories he told his parents? So frightening. And he has to go back. They certainly need our prayers...