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Wednesday, May 4

May 4, 2011 (107/365)

I learned this past weekend that our family doctor (from when I was a child) passed away. So very sad to see the generations before me slowly going on.

When I read this quote, I thought of him. He was one of the first doctors in our area to try the new practice of "Family Medicine." My mom had actually worked with him when she was a nurse in the Emergency Room, before my siblings and I were born.

When I was in high school, we had gotten to the point that mom felt she needed to go back to work - after staying at home with 5 kids for 25 years - on my dad's 1 salary. She had always kept her nursing license up to date, just incase, but she said, "If God wants me to go back to work, he will make a way for it to happen, and someone will call me."

Well my mom never sent in any resumes or went looking for a job, but one day she got a phone call from the doctor she had worked with in the operating room so many years ago, asking if she would consider coming to work for him as his office nurse.

We all marveled knowing this was an answer to prayer.

Needless to say, she went to work for him, and had many wonderful years until he retired. My siblings and I would run into him about town after our mom had died, and he always spoke so highly of her. "She was a great nurse and a wonderful woman," he would say.

And we all remember what a great doctor and man he was.

So very sad to know he is now gone.

But his name is one I carry on my heart.


Karin said...

What treasured memories you have! May you be blessed today!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Precious memories.I love that quote.Flowers fade but memories of the heart last.