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Tuesday, May 24

May 24, 2011 (126/365)

I am not quite sure what the name of yesterday's flower was. I had stopped by the town hall and they had a whole flower bed full of them - in various stages of bloom. I was saving them for a mosaic to use for Mosaic Monday and Macro Monday - but I have found if you don't get linked up to them in on Sunday night - not many people look at them anyway - and well, I waited till yesterday morning and then - yesterday was not a good day. Some strange flu bug I think. Still not 100% today - but at least I can stand up with out feeling like I am going to pass out - so I will try to go to work today.

But I tell you, it never fails. Whenever I am not feeling well - something neat happens that I miss. Yesterday my youngest finally got a baseball game in for the school team. I didn't get to go, as I laid in the recliner - ALL DAY - I just couldn't even get up. But my husband was there. Jake pitched the whole game. And the game was only up to the 6th inning (they usually play 7) until the other team forfeited the game ( the score was 16-2). He also went 3 for 3 in hitting and one of the hits was a triple, bringing home 3 runs.

I guess that is why I try to make it to every game! Oh well, hoping to get another rescheduled make up in today, and I am hoping I can make it thru the day to be there.

Now about my 'weed' above ... it was a windy day when I tried for the shot. Couldn't get a clear shot of those seeds to save my life - but I loved the way the purple weeds blurred in the background. So I decided to use it. I placed a filter over the top to add a little more texture - and perhaps make the blur a little more forgiving.

I did like the softness of the top of each seed and how the white all feathered together though. The colors warm my heart though and made me smile. Even a weed can bring a bit of joy!

Hope you find joy in many hidden places throughout your day today!


Karin said...

Off to find some joy today! Have a great day!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes---there is JOY in many hidden places!!!! Great post, Val. Sorry you have been under-the-weather---and missed such an incredible game. I know you are proud of your son.

Hope you feel MUCH better today.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Even weeds are beautiful.The softness of the picture seems very fitting.Hope you are feeling better soon.