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Saturday, May 21

May 21, 2011 (123/365)

The quote above - came from a novel I read recently. When I first read it - it struck me as one I wanted to think a bit more on and I have - and still am. . . thinking about it.

With all this talk of the world ending today - (side note: I am NOT a follower of Mr. C a m p i n g) my heart has been aching.

I do believe that Christ will return. I do believe there will be an end to this world. Will it be today? I don't know. It could be in the next hour, the next year, the next thousand years, and so of course I pray fervently for my sons and loved ones who may not come to accept the free gift of Salvation that God offers to us all or perhaps at some point did, but have strayed far from a relationship of knowing, loving and having confidence in God. I worry about the choices they have all made.

But I have been very saddened by the flippant attitude of so many - joking about the end - that will come - and could be - at any time. I am sad that we don't live our lives in a state of preparedness for this event.

No, I don't mean selling your belongings and sitting on the front porch to wait, as countless blind followers have done in the past. I mean, having a relationship with our Savior, cultivating it, and sharing in the peace and contentment, of knowing Him. Rejoicing in his amazing love for each one of us.

I have heard TV hosts, radio folks seriously - making a joke of this -

That is why my heart aches. There is a God, who created us in His image, who wants a relationship with each one of us, and died to create a way for that -

How awful it is to watch 'the deceiver' being successful in pulling people away from the One who can save them.


Dorothy said...

You are so right, and you speak the thoughts and feelings of thousands of others who may not have a 'voice' to the public. This is a beautiful and very thought provoking post. You can't MAKE everyone choose Jesus. They are given the choices and it's up to THEM to make the right ones.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Christ's' second coming is no laughing matter.We need to be ready all the time.Thanks for posts and the encouragement they are.

Karin said...

Definitely in agreement here. You've said very well what is also on my heart. Oh, that God in His mercy and grace might turn hearts towards home - thinking here of loved ones too.

It is unbelievable that people are actually taken in by false prophets - so sad.