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Tuesday, May 17

May 17, 2011 (119/365)

One of the tulips outside the door of the school I work at. Now when I see the flowers as I walk in the door, I will remember the beauty of each child - is within. There is a spark that hides in the eyes, or deeper within. It is most likely the one we often miss in the moment of misbehavior or purposeful disobedience - that is the one looking for and needing acceptance.

Every child is special -
Everyone is unique -
Every person worth loving.


Janice K said...

Very insightful!

Karin said...

Love that extra spark in this tulip - and in your application! So true! Lord, open my eyes to see who You see when I look at people!

Stacey Dawn said...

So true -

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Very well said.Such a lovely picture too.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great post, Valerie... Kids are just so special ---and a word of thanksgiving needs to be said over and over to our teachers... Thanks, Valerie.