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Wednesday, March 2

March 2, 2011 (57/365)

Thanks to all for your prayers and concern. We still don't know what the problem is for my dear H. Diet seems to be helping with symptoms. But they are not gone yet. Another big test this morning. We keep waiting and praying.


Kerri Farley said...

Excellent capture and words!!
Thinking of you and your hubby!

Karin said...

That's really frustrating for the whole family, but taking things just one day at a time, sweet Jesus, is the way to go forth in trust!

Ruth Hiebert said...

THis seems to be taking a long time.Thanks for the update.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Thanks for the update, Valerie... Keep us posted. PRAYERS for your hubby.

Love that female Cardinal. Ours are beginning to get 'frisky' around here now.... ha