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Thursday, March 10

March 10, 2011 (64/365)

With my upcoming trip to Europe looming before, there are many things I need to get in check. I am sure it will be a physical strain - including the 26+ hours on a bus as we tour 3 countries, performing almost everyday.

I've been concerned about a lot of things - and I guess this has finally been the kicker to help me start to get in better shape. I have always loved walking. But in recent years - it just doesn't seem safe - unless you are out with a partner. That isn't always possible for me - so I resorted to the treadmill in the basement. We have wonderful bike path trails in our community - but a few years ago, a local mom was murdered - out jogging alone - by one they called the bike* path *rapist. They did finally catch him. And found out that he had been doing this for many years.

We came to learn, that we had lived diagonally across the street from him, in our first home as after we were married. Scary.

I chucked all that last week and said - nope I am walking outside. It has been chilly (to say the least) but totally invigorating! I've even lost 12 pounds!! (Lots more to go too!)

But more awesome than that - is the beauty of our Creator that I can contemplate on as I move thru my neighborhood. I was almost home, the other day, as the sun was beginning to set - and I saw it perfectly situated between these branches. I had carried my little Kodak with me (it was drizzling a bit so didn't want to chance the Cannon out in the weather).

What a blessed reminder that God is still in control and He always will be, no matter what.


LDH said...

I know you will have a wonderful time on this trip with your son. It really is a fantastic opportunity! Great job already as you get in shape for it.

I forwarded the sad story about the 15 year old girl's death when the tree limb fell on the car. She didn't hear about it in Whitesboro.

Karin said...

High five!!!! Sounds like quite an adventure coming up for you. What a lovely sunset photo - and a lovely area for you to walk in. Thanks for sharing!

Kerri said...

Good for you on the 12 lbs and the walking!!
Lovely capture!

Anita Johnson said...

Way to go Valerie! I walk almost every morning with a friend...and many times it's just not fun...especially on cold days! We look for "God skies"...the mornings when the sky reminds us of our Creator. Keep us posted on your walks...we will try to be an encouragement!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That picture alone was worth the walk.Gorgeous!