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Monday, February 7

February 7, 2011 (38/365)

So when is old??


Melody said...

My grandmother prayed for my father until he gave his life back to God when he was 55. He died about 6 months after that. She is my inspiration because I am still praying for my 30 and 33 year old daughters.

Karin said...

Good question Valerie! Sometimes when our kids and their kids go through difficult, extremely stretching, painful times, I wonder if I've done my part in the initial training so that they will not depart from the Way they should go. It's done though, and I just have to leave it all with Him who loves them more than I do!

Your photo is just what it looks like around here - with much more snow again this week-end!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Valerie, Beautiful picture of the snow and blue tint....

I tried my best with my sons and there are things which I should have done differently. But--I guess we all can say that since we are not perfect.

My sons did turn out GREAT considering a divorce and all of the tons of hours I had to work back then to make ends meet. BUT-- I made it and so did they!!!!!

Great post.

Dorothy said...

Oh that we could all have been perfect examples!! We tried, we fell short, we tried again. I'm sure that's what they are doing now with their children. All mistakes aside, I think children really 'see' and really 'get' what their parents are trying to get across to them by their actions. When they are old (whenever that is) they will remember and try to do the same.