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Friday, February 4

February 4, 2011 (35/365)

So very sorry for the irregular posting of late - things have gone a bit bonkers around here. I have been filling in grades and comments for close to 300 report cards and then had all the data gone and had to do it again! Then of course we have to go thru and proof read everything and catch any errors.

The High School Winter Concert was last night. My middle son who is a senior - has only two more concerts to go. Can't believe I have another one graduating so soon.

The youngest keeps me crazy with his schedule of baseball, basketball, music lessons- I think sometimes I am in the car for 3 hours after school. On top of that - we had a little surprise in our family with a company contacting us about an inheritance. Don't get excited, it isn't much and it will be divided many times.

But the neat thing about it is that I have been once again madly caught up in the genealogy research of my family. One cool thing that has come from all of this - is that my cousins and my family are connected again. We have talked more this week - than I can remember.

Hopefully things will settle back into a routine soon.

I miss my blogging friends! Thanks for sticking with me.


Dorothy said...

How wonderful that you are re-connecting with family!! That's great! Your children are growing up fast and pretty soon you will have 'empty nest syndrome'!
I don't see how you get all that work done! I do practically nothing and am busy all day!

Karin said...

Can't wait for the colors of spring! If it were not for the bright yellow or red cars driving around, it would all be a dull grey!

Fun that cousins and family are connecting again. We do have one cousin who makes it a point to connect us all. If it were not for her, none of us would be so inclined! It's a lot of work to be the motivator for togetherness.

Luke 12:2 is another one of those eye openers - yup, everything hidden will be made known.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Valerie, I often wonder how you do all that you do --in addition to blogging... I'm retired --and still run out of time to blog.....

Just do what you need to do. We will all be here... Not to worry!!!!!

Congrats on the inheritance. Every little bit helps!!!!