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Wednesday, January 5

January 5, 2011 (5/365)

We have a new and fresh coating of snow now, after 50 degree temps on the weekend melted all the dirty stuff left behind from the last snowfall. As we drift once again into the colorless days (here in Buffalo, most winter days have a white cloud covered sky with white snow on the ground and very little bright sunlight to illuminate the different shades of browns and yellows and reds that are there - we just can't see them in the grayness) I was looking for some color to share this morning. This one should wake all of our eyes up!

In August 2009 I did a series of photos on the (link -->)"Birth of a Butterfly" at Composition-Life after a friend of mine had given me some butterfly eggs. My sons and I enjoyed the process and I had a great time 'trying' to photograph the birth. I linked to the archive of the August 09 posts- so if you visit, start at the bottom of the page.

I also created some Mosaics of the egg, to caterpillar, to butterfly that I posted on my Collage Page - (CLICK HERE) although I have seen many photo's so much better of the process - it was thrilling to be there and watch it all happen.

What a blessing it is to know - when we leave our earthly 'limited' human form, God has blessings in store for us, that are beyond our wildest imaginations. And our new lives, will not last for just a few days or years - as the butterfly, but we will live for eternity - worshiping the King of Kings!


Karin said...

Thank you for this splash of color! In recent years we've been getting more ice fog days than I recall. We used to have so much snow AND sunshine! After a month or two of that grayness I do get antsy by February!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thanks,I needed this.Yes,life on earth is temporary,but oh the glories that await us.Jake is already enjoying them,hmmm,I may be just a little jealous.My time will come,but for now God has something He wants me to do on earth.

Lisa said...

I just love that quote - What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly. That is so amazing. We may feel like we are at the end, but God sees a new beginning. I'm feeling like something new, change, is just around the corner. This post really excites me. Thank you!

Dorothy said...

Beautiful post and beautiful thought that we will have new bodies. Your post on the birth of the butterfly is very interesting! Good job!

Ginny said...

What an absolutely georgous picture, his wings are not even dry yet. And I do love the color behind it, it's a nice wake-up. All your pictures are lovely, and you have linked up a very important message with them.

Peggy (mazmagi) said...

Blessings Valerie!!! BEAUTIFUL COLOR!
Beautiful splash of Glory and worship! Beautiful possibilities available in our transformation as we change! I really love the quote chosen and the deep meaning in all of this! Challenging scripture to reflect upon as born again creatures in process. Such beautiful HOPE of being from IMPERISHABLE seed! So grateful for the living and enduring Word of God
and your expression of the Master's work... aMazing collages and changes to observe and capture firsthand! If He does this for a caterpillar, you are so right that leaving our earthly form with our limitations is beyond our comprehension what is yet to come as radiant butterflies eternally worshiping the King of kings in
living color like this!

I was wondering in one of the cocoon (pupa stage) your photo is like an x-ray and we could see the butterfly inside...how did you do that? or is that how transparent it becomes toward the end? WOW! Truly aMazing to see the beautiful transformation! Gives us HOPE!
Thank you for sharing all of this!

Peace and joy,

Jessica M said...

A beautiful message of hope and redemption...What a faithful and loving God we have...whose plans far exceed our perspectives and have our good in mind.

Beautiful photo, quote and verse :)


Alida said...

I love the butterfly quote! And the great colors in the photo with the scripture are perfect!

Alida from Blackpurl's Knitpickings

Anita Johnson said...

So we something else in common...Monarch Butterflies. Every summer I "raise" 10-15 monarchs from the eggs I find in the yard. What a joy, isn't it? I always think of the verse..."everyone who is in Christ is a new creation...the old is gone, the new has come!"