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Monday, January 31

January 31, 2011 (31/365)

Kind of feeling a photographers block this last week. Everything is dirty and old snow outside. It is all looking the same to me. ANE it is cold. With my respiratory thing going on - not good to get out and take photos - so I have dug into the files.
Hope you don't mind these bright splashes of color!


Ruth Hiebert said...

Bring on the color,I need it.Love the picture and the quote.

Kerri Farley said...

LOVE this!
Hope you are feeling better soon!

Dorothy said...

Gorgeous, cheerful picture! I love the quote, too.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Beautiful Valerie.... A smile can not only light up OUR faces---but it can light up the faces of others... No words are needed---Just a gorgeous SMILE is wonderful.

Karin said...

Love the splash of color - anytime! Dig away into your files - will always love the photos! We had a bit of fresh snow yesterday to cover the dirty snow! Keep smiling!