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Friday, January 14

January 14, 2011 (14/365)

This photo brought to mind - many of the usual connotations - snow - clean - pure - bath - 'wash me clean' - but as I searched for something meaningful in this photo - it was this quote that struck me - as I read it this morning.

A couple of days ago I filled the bird feeders and yes ... the next day the deer had eaten everything except what was in the highest feeder :( But the highest feeder is the one the cardinals like - and there were perhaps 4 pairs (male and female) flitting and floating all over. I lucked out in this capture - as this one 'fell' into the snow and was attempting to get out.

I can't help but think ... Isn't that just like us ... well I guess I should speak for myself. Isn't that just like me. I fall - and instead of just trying to get up gracefully and not draw attention to myself - I make a bigger mess than is necessary.

I can see my path in the snow very clearly. A straight line of little footsteps - with the big steps of my parents walking with me. Yes and just like the footprints story - at times my feet disappear and only my parents are there as they carried me for a bit.

As my feet got bigger, my tracks are more solitary - but with many 'messes' as I learned from my mistakes. Often times their are huge battlefields in the snow - where I just couldn't get back up on my feet. Wow, sometimes I really made a mess. I think I made it worse - because I tried to make excuses for the failing - instead of just dealing with it and getting up.

Yes, this quote has deep meaning for me. And as I think of those who will come behind me - I need to realize I need to be a better example as I lead the way. Oh I know they will fall into the same traps - and maybe some different ones, as they create their paths - and in the same way I am continuing to learn from my mistakes - I pray that they will learn as well.

But most of all I pray they will remember that they are never alone:

I surely I am with you always, even to the end of the age. ~Matthew 28: 20b


Dorothy said...

If only I could have 'gotten' this message in my youth and clung to it, maybe I wouldn't have wandered down so many wrong paths.

Karin said...

Yes, HE is with us always! Beautiful post with deep meaning. Thanks!!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

I answered this one on your other post.. BUT--I did forget to say that I love the picture of the Cardinal.. PERFECT.

Joan Hall said...

Valerie - I am so enjoying your photographs, the quotes, and Bible verses.

This is a beautiful post - I also wish I had "got it" at a younger age.

By the way - I may have a tip that will help on your bird feeders. Mix some crushed red pepper flakes in with the seed. It doesn't hurt the birds, but mammals won't touch it. I have to use it to keep the squirrels and raccoons from my feeders.