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Thursday, January 13

January 13, 2011 (13/365)


Lisa said...

Oh, I love that! He loves me, oh how He loves me!

Adrienne in Ohio said...

Beautiful, Valerie!

I've been neglecting the birds and this reminds me how much I've missed them. I need to go out and clean the feeder and refill it so I can enjoy their beauty again.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That is a precious thought.Thanks.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh --I love that little Junco... I took a picture of one today on my deck --but it's not nearly as good as yours.

True quote for sure.

Karin said...

Awww, that birdie is such a cutie!

Dorothy said...

Isn't that just amazing!! I remember the first time I heard that and I thought, 'How could that be!'

Whidbey Woman said...

Aww... such a sweet photo, and such a true statement!