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Sunday, December 26



Karin said...

One day at time, sweet Jesus! The only way to go!

Ruth said...

That verse is one I need to put to use more often.Thanks.

Donnie said...

Great quote and verse to go with that photo. Just lovely. Have a blessed day.

Peggy (mazmagi) said...

WOW!!! So life size and beautiful!

Once again... I love the quote, the scripture and am blessed by the sparrow! Excellent shot!

Thank you Valerie! I was hoping I could look at more of your blog and fortunately when I clicked "Intelligent Expressions" Voila...
I'm here...

I'm so thankful that as fast as time is passing us by, "that the future comes one day at a time"
and that God assures me not to worry!

This one ministers to me... I should hang it on a wall!!!

Peace and JOY,