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Tuesday, December 21


Every once in a while - I get the feeling I was 'directed in someway' in the creation of these posts. No, I didn't hear a specific word or voice - but as I fiddle around with different things, reading scripture and quotes - changing photos - I am often amazed at how they turn out.

I didn't like this one to start out. I had a photo of a sparrow on a green background. I know I wanted to stick with a "birth of Christ' theme - and so I decided ... haphazardly (or so I thought) ... to use the scripture from Matthew - kind of thinking about the wise men. Eleanor Roosevelt's quote came next - as I thought about how often we give gifts truly from our hearts - but realize there are a few who could take a lesson in how to give a gift. I put the words on a red background. "Very Christmasy" Red and Green. But it wasn't working.

The bird photo wasn't quite making it work - so I thought I would look for another ornament shot. This is a little gold plated manger scene that hangs on our tree. We put a yellow light up thru the bottom and it gives it a pretty glow. I like the way the shadows came thru in the photo - and so put it next to the words in the project. I fiddled a bit with the colors and it was complete.

Jesus Christ - the greatest gift of all - did not come with trumpets blaring - in fact most of the world missed His coming and many are still waiting for His first arrival. But he did arrive in a dirty cave of a stable - with the smell of animal dung - being laid in a feeding trough - to a man and a woman known by few, whom God chose specifically for this purpose. HE was an amazing gift - given on a dark night in a strange and lowly place.

Eleanor Roosevelt's quote is a good one as we look at how God gave the greatest gift to the neediest of people - us - we should take a lesson from that!

I hope as we lead up to Christmas Day, that you are able to take some time to focus on the gift of all gifts - given by our creator - to enable a restoring of a relationship with Him. I am struggling a bit - still having to work this week - and having so much to do - these moments in the morning - seem to ground me - in what really matters.

Praying they do the same for you.


Dorothy said...

Valerie, this is a very special post! It's impossible for my finite mind to really comprehend what a tremendous Gift God gave the world when He sent Jesus to live among us. Thank you for these posts that always point us to Jesus. Merry Christmas!

Anita Johnson said...

Valerie, this is beautiful!
Merry, Merry Christmas to you!

Ruth Hiebert said...

Thank-you for each inspirational post.God has such wonderful ways of working in our lives.

Karin said...

All the fiddling paid off! It's excellent and the Scripture and quote are great - for any time of the year!