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Tuesday, December 14


The quote: "I want to be evergreen" is from a song by the group called Switchfoot.
Although I like the melody, I am not so sure I understand
where he is going with the words.

But what I take away from the song - is that
I would like to live my life "ever true"
to the One who has given me life -
to the one who gave His life for me.

He is ever true
He is evergreen
and I want to strive to give that back to Him.


Ruth Hiebert said...

I like it.☺

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hmmmmm ---very interesting, Valerie. When I think of evergreen, I see a tree that never changes --all through the year. I think I'd rather be a big Oak tree --so that I could lose my old self and get some new clothes in spring......

BUT--I understand that an evergreen is EVER true, EVER faithful... That's special also!!!